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Personnel Consultancy and Audits

Personnel consultancy is addressed to the clients who need to advise during mapping out the potential of employees, recruitment, training, motivation of employees and during assessing the capability of internal employees for a specific position. The right tool to mapping out the current situation at the company is the personnel audit.

Personnel audit is an independent analysis of several processes, procedures and indicators in human resources management as well as business management. It can help to get the overview of human resources capacity in the company. The tools can be focused on the individuals or measure company’s potential as well.

Based on received information we prepare an audit report which refers to actual situation and hazardous conditions with recommendation how to eliminate them. Personnel audit is also a good way to prepare training and development programs for employees. Personnel audit is suitable for whole company or for individuals.

Why to choose Solutions HRS?
  • Our experienced Assessors are able to identify the specific needs of your company and employees.
  • Based on the ascertain facts we create options to solving the situation.

Assessment/Development Centres

The essence of Assessment / Development Center is evaluation of competencies of individuals or groups. it helps to work out development needs and development plans according to organizational goals.

We can design selection / assessment evaluation (AC) or development evaluation (DC). Assessment / Development Center sessions usually take one working day, may be dedicated to individuals or groups. Based on competencies shown participants are being observed by certified assessors during completing different tasks and cases.

Depending on competencies selected for Assessment / Development Center process, there are different possible tools used:

  • group exercises / discussions
  • individual exercises
  • role plays
  • analysis and presentation
  • competency based interview
  • business case study
  • psychometric tests

Assessment / Development Center method brings an objective evaluation of candidates or employees. Reveals areas of potential of individuals or groups what helps in preparing individual development plans and career paths.

Why to choose Solutions HRS?
  • Our experts prepare custom made programme and summarize the results.

Interim HR Management

The objective of Interim HR Management is to provide help to the companies that need to temporarily or permanently increase the capacity of their HR departments. Our client is able to use between 20 and 100% of the capacity of a professional HR consultant according to its needs.

We are able to provide consultants with experience in executive HR management. The professionals are able to take over all HR functions within a given period of time.

Why to choose Solutions HRS?
  • We are ready to provide our clients an immediate solution.
  • Our consultant ensures a full flexible service at client’s site.

Psychometric Tools

We use various psychometric tools depending on special needs of our clients. Following the results we design the best solution for clients’ individual situation.

The most used tools:

Facet5 based on the Big Five model measures: will, energy, affection, control, emotionality. It allows understanding to which extend and why people differ in terms of behaviour, attitude, motivation and aspirations. It has been worked out as an answer to business needs and measures 5 aspects of professional personality.

Insights Discovery gives a deep insight into individual’s personality. It is a simple framework of four colour energies which we all have but one of them is dominant. We use the tool in many different business situations to prepare a tailor-made solution to the client. The most common are: recruitment process optimization, team building and development, improving personal effectiveness, increasing communication and collaboration within an organization, career paths planning.

MBTI® is a great source of knowledge how to effectively manage the subordinates. It is based on Carl Jung theory and presents 16 types of personality.

Why to choose Solutions HRS?
  • Our professionals use a standard battery of psychometric tests.

360° Feedback Review

This is a modern and relatively objective instrument enabling us to determine the level of particular skill / competence. The examined person is assessed by the people who know the individual from different point of view. It helps to identify the strengths and the space for improvement as a part of a development programme. 360° feedback can be organised as a questionnaire examination or face-to-face interview. The main advantage of 360° feedback is better quality of feedback from various angles.

360˚Feedback is an effective tool to:

  • assess employee potential through key competencies
  • get feedback from a superior, colleagues and subordinates
  • determine whether the employee’s self-perception is realistic
Why to choose Solutions HRS?
  • Our professionals prepare custom made questionnaire for all assessors and summarize it to the complex report.

Coaching & Mentoring

“Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.” (Zig Ziglar)

Coaching is considered nowdays to be the most gratifying and effective process. It enables people to merge their life plenitude with gaining significant business results. Coach supports the client in discovering his potential, as well as in his goals achievement. The both parts build appropriate relationship in which asking right questions play a vital role. To make this effective the client (coachee) needs to have an active approach.

Executive and Managerial coaching is dedicated to the top and senior management. The main goal is to ensure coachees a proper perspective on strategic thinking / planning / acting, as well as awareness for organization and team management.

Business coaching is dedicated to managers on different managerial levels. It supports properly directed business efficiency development, optimization of processes connected with management as well as work on the goals and business results. It enables significant rise in business effectiveness including its profitability as a result of appropriately directed actions.

Team coaching represents an effective support for project and management teams to rise effectiveness of their actions.

Mentoring is based on a relationship between a master and a mentee. Master is usually a person from an organization and mentee benefits from his support. Mentor supports mentee in his further development and reaching setting goals through proper inspiring, stimulation and leading.

Why to choose Solutions HRS?
  • We ensure professional conducting of mentoring sessions.
  • We build and develop mentoring teams who function within client’s organization.


“What brought up effects in the past will not bring them up in the future” (L. Clark)

Organizations face changes and difficult situations which are often appear as a result of many correlative factors. While preparing training / development programs to suit our clients needs we pay attention not only to a proper and system diagnosis of a situation but also to a flexible reaction to specific needs. Constant progress in professional development is also enormously vital.

We offer trainings that support our clients at different stages of competency development: - trainings supporting our clients at the stage of a new employee induction process - trainings aimed at current situation improvement - trainings focused on development of competencies which are important for the client

We assume that people learn effectively through their own actions and experience thus we worked out programmes corresponding to our client’s needs. We design the training on real situations from working environment of our clients so the skills are improved for the practical use. We utilize training technics such as case studies, simulation games, educational dramas, video trainings or brainstorming.

Why to choose Solutions HRS?
  • We have team of experienced trainers who can anylyze and design trainings fitting to client’s needs.


“A thousand miles trip starts from the first step.” (Laozi)

For outplacement projects’ participants facing the situation of loosing the job is very difficult to make the first step in searching a new job.

We support outplacement projects’ participants at finding a new employment. A group outplacement usually brings the participants to take part in the program. The individual one involves introducing the participants the process of change management.

We conduct group outplacement projects in organizations which make redundancies on a large scale. The process depends on individual needs of our clients. It usually includes an opportunity of using support center organized on the client’s and consultant’s premises. Consultant prepares workshops as well as individual meetings with the participants.

Individual outplacement projects are usually dedicated to top managers. They cover a number of individual meetings with the program participant and usually last 3 months.

We increase chances to find a new job and to build a positive clients’ profile by supporting participants in their professional skills identification, establishing criteria of choosing potential employers’ companies, professional cv and cover letter preparation as well as preparing them to a job interview

Why to choose Solutions HRS?
  • We have experience with solving of difficult situations.
  • We help our clients to decrease the negative impact of restructuring process.
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