Our Expertise – Recruitment

Solutions of recruitment needs

Solutions HR Specialists is focused on the recruitment of middle managerial and specialists positions.

Objectives of the recruitment process:

  • To find the right employees for client in agreed time-frame.
  • To provide client with all related recruitment support.
  • To outsource part or complete client’s recruitment process, when capacity of internal recruitment is limited or temporarily restrained.

With regards to client’s needs, we suggest “deploy” to the project specific Consultant/ Project Manager Solutions, who will act for this project as a “On-site Recruiter” and who will be introduced to the organization and the manager responsible for recruitment (hereinafter “hiring manager “) and a representative of the actual job (even through the day “in the field”).

The consultant proposes and ensures recruitment communication, all possible sources of candidates (job servers, databases, networking, communication with educational institutions).

This approach is effective in recruiting:

  • several positions with similar or the same profile
  • highly specialized, but not necessarily managerial positions
  • positions for which is not efficient classical selection method
Why to choose Solutions HRS?
  • We have extensive knowledge of market based on long-term recruitment experience over CZ, SK and PL markets.
  • We are focused on start-ups projects, fast-growing operations, mainly in production sector.
  • We specialize in middle-managerial and specialists positions.
  • We bring flexible and creative solutions in case of difficult positions and/or situations.
  • Our consultant can become temporarily a part of the client’s HR department, what increases a speed, personal approach and additional capacity to client’s HR department.
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